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Company profile

Company profile

Food technology is a source of nutrition, and it also brings satisfaction, pleasure, health and happiness. It is also increasingly recognized that the choice of food and drink is very important to the quality of life of their family members. From beginning to end, innovation is at the center of Jiale company. We have been committed to improving the quality of people's lives. Every day, we are committed to providing more delicious and healthy product choices to help consumers care for themselves and their families. Without our strong scientific research strength and unremitting pursuit of qua...


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The existing staff of professional medical consultants have good qualifications, and have received professional business training at home and abroad. Join the company also continue to attract domestic and foreign professionals, introduce foreign advanced inspection technology and products to the domestic, domestic inspection industry opens up a new era of generation of professional medical consultant company employees have good qualifications, both at home and abroad have...


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